Wednesday, June 27, 2007

John Piper on the Prosperity "Gospel"

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A.C. Domanik said...

Piper hit the nail right on the head. Our heart is where our treasure is and if our boast is in the cross, then our scorn is in any message that likens itself to it, but is in fact 'empty deciet, according to the tradition of men... and not according to Christ.'-Col. 2:8 This prosperity gospel is simply another way of saying that Christ is not enough; they want the rain without its clouds, the ocean without its tidal waves, the sun without its cancerous rays, and the play without the work. It is so deadly because its what many people wish to hear- that God will make me rich, healthy and prosperous if I just accept this message- and sadly, people are weighing eternal life in the balance of their checkbook. My God does not give me money, He has put me here to earn that... My God has given me Jesus, and if I live till I'm 9000 years old, living in a Russian Gulag being tortured all my days, and Christ is the only thing He has ever given me, He will have been much more merciful to me than ten thousand unsaved rich men living hapily elsewhere. I pray that God will lead the prosperity preachers to the truth that they have so far lost sight of.