Sunday, September 14, 2008

Some good quotes from St. Bernard of Clairvaux

"The cause of loving God is God. I spoke the truth, for He is both the efficient and final Cause. It is He who gives the occasions, it is He who creates the affection, He consummates the desire."

"He gave Himself to merit for us, He retains Himself to be our reward, He offers Himself as the food of saintly souls, He gives himself as the price of the redemption of those in captivity." (On the Love of God ch. VII)

"Give Him glory once for offenses pardoned; give it again for virtues conferred." (Sermon on Canticle of Canticles ch. III)

"His fatherly love is greater than any injustice whatsoever." (Canticles ch.X)

"You were sinning, oh man, in darkness and in the shadow of death through ignorance of truth. You were sitting bound by the chains of sin. He down to prison not to torture you, but to rescue you from the power of darkness. And first the Teacher of truth dispelled the darkness of ignorance by the light of His wisdom. The by the righteousness of faith he loosed the bonds of sin, freely justifying the sinner." (Canticles ch.XV)

"It suffices me for attaining to all righteousness, to have Him alone propitious toward me against whom alone I have sinned... Not to sin is the righteousness of God": Man's righteousness is God's forgiveness." (Canticles ch.XVI)

"Ah! from how great bitterness of soul have you often delivered me, O Good Jesus, coming to me!... How often has prayer taken me on the brink of despair, and restored me to the state of soul of one exulting in joy and confident forgiveness. Those who are afflicted in this way, behold they know that the Lord Jesus is truly a Physician Who healeth the broken of heart and bindeth up their bruses" (Canticles ch.XX)

"Great faith merits great rewards. And wherever you set down the foot of hope among the goods of the Lord, they will be yours." (Canticles ch.XX)

"Your sins are very great and beyond number. Never will you be able to make satisfaction for them, so many and so great are they, not even if you strip the very skin from your body." (Canticles ch. XXIV)

"Because He is unwilling to forgive sins? He nailed them to the cross together with His own hands. Because you are delicate and accustomed to a life of ease? But he knoweth our frame. [He remembereth that we are dust] Because you have grown accustomed to evil and are bound by the fetters of habitual sin? But the Lord looseth them that are fettered. Are you perhaps fearful lest, angered by the greatness and number of your sins He will be slow to extend a helping hand? But where sin abounded, grace did more abound." (Canticles XXIV)

"While I am in this life this more sublime philosophy will be mine-to know Jesus Christ, and Him crucified." (Canticles ch.XXVIII)

"In order to merit, it is enough to know that our merits do not suffice for us." (Canticles ch.XLI)

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Anonymous said...

What did Bernard reply when he was asked to renounce Christ?

Have yu head of the thought that the resurrection is a 1 at a time event? When a Christian falls asleep in physical death he is resurrected to eternal life.