Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Just and Sinner Podcast

I have been thinking for a while about doing a podcast. I finally decided to do it, so I bought a microphone and began recording. Here is my first episode: Episode 1

I asked what topic should be discussed on my first program, and the overwhelming response I received was for the doctrine of predestination; thus I did my first podcast on the topic. I hope to have a show out once a week. The second program is recorded and will be up next Wednesday. I want this to be primarily based on listener questions, and so if you have any theological questions you would like me to answer, or articles and videos you would like me to respond to, please ask.

The podcast will be on itunes within the next couple of days, and so you will be able to subscribe. All past shows will be on


Martin Yee said...

Hi Jordan,

Thanks for this excellent first episode of your podcast on predestination. This is the first time I heard someone explain in such detail and with such clarity the various views on predestination.

I liked especially the historical background you painted (Augustine, Pelagius and Cassian), your dealing with the five TULIP points giving the Lutheran view on each point, and your final part on what was the concern for the Reformed and the Lutheran when they speak about predestination. For one their concern is God's sovereignty (law?)and for the other is God's comfort (gospel?). Great effort! I will let the folks here in Singapore know about this podcast. Keep up the good work!

Martin Yee

Thoughts said...

Fantastic podcast. I am new to your blog and definitely like it. I found your podcast thorough on the topic chosen, focused on the topic (i.e. no rambling or off topic babbling, a common flaw in many podcasts), nor misclassify positions with broad strokes. Very nice job. I am a Lutheran with a brother and father who are evangelical semi-pelagiun/partial calvinist and this will help me see their positions better for discussion. I especially liked your comments about the purpose of the lutheran theology is for assurance and blessing. I look forward to your future podcasts on the great gifts of lutheran theology, i.e. vocation, law/gospel, sacraments, etc. Thanks!

Rob Burke