Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Today's Podcast: The Eucharist in John 6 and the Sabbath

On today's program I spent time talking about John 6 and whether or not it is about the Eucharist, and then I answered a listener question about strict Sabbatarianism. Here's the program.


E.J. said...

Thanks for the podcast, I really enjoyed it. I agree that this section of scripture is about the Lord's Supper. I've never understood the argument that it has to be either or. I don't think that faith and the Lord's Supper are diametrically opposed. How are we to understand when people receive the Supper unworthily? Do they receive the body and blood of Christ? This passage seems to say that anyone who eats the body and blood abides in Christ? Any thoughts?

Steve Martin said...

I think that if you feel that you are unworthy...then you are more than likely quite worthy.