Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Biblical Refutation of Purgatory

On today's program, I continued my response to Karlo Broussard on purgatory. I dealt with his arguments from Scripture. The two texts addressed are from 1 Corintians 3, and Matthew 5. It was demonstrated that these two texts do not say anything about purgatory.


Vincent VAN DER WEERDEN said...

Hey Jordan what did you think about what Aquinas wrote on purgatory? Do you think Aquinas arguements are sound?

Vincent VAN DER WEERDEN said...

Jordan I am really interested in what you think about what Aquinas wrote on purgatory.

Jordan Cooper said...


I haven't gotten the chance to look at it yet. I've got a number of projects I'm trying to finish up in the next week; I'll take a look at it after that.

the Old Adam said...

If there really is a Purgatory, which there is not, then then why the Cross?

Why bother?

No…Christ accomplished ALL upon that bloody Cross.

Poor Catholics. No real assurance. What a shame.

J. Dean said...

Jordan, do you happen to know about what time in church history the doctrine of Purgatory began to show up?

Jordan Cooper said...

It first shows up in Clement of Alexandria. There is some brief conjecture about it in Augustine's "The City of God." It doesn't become a prominent view until the time of Gregory the Great, and even then it was only discussed in the West. It didn't see extensive development until the later Middle Ages.