Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sanctification and Good Works

Here's the program.

This past week has seen an eruption of posts on the Lutheran blogosphere on the topic of Sanctification. Because of my involvement in this discussion, I decided to focus the program today on that topic. I clear up some misconceptions and demonstrate the Biblical and Lutheran approach to sanctification and good works.

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Martin Yee said...


Thanks for the fine podcast. Well anchored on Scriptures and robust in your discussions. Like your take on beers and cigars. Noted your concern that often Lutherans tend to over-react to others and swing to rather extreme positions. Noticed you like to take the middle ground if possible. However sometimes in theology the middle way is not always the best. Example Augustine seem to over-react to Pelagius. The semi-Pelagians sought a middle positions and are found wanting by orthodox Lutheranism. Similar Luther seem to over-react to Erasmus of Rotterdam (who sees himself as the middle position between the Reformers and Rome). But again Luther rather radical Bondage of the Will is embraced by by both Lutherans and the Reformed although it sounds rather extreme in its view on the unregenerate human will. Just a thought.