Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Heresy and Heterodoxy

Here's the Podcast.

On today's podcast I discussed the question of heresy and heterodoxy. I defined the difference between these two terms, and talked about examples of both in the ancient church and contemporary theology. I argue that we should utilize the Sola Scriptura principle when defining false doctrine as heretical.

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Martin Yee said...

Hi Jordan,

Great podcast! Interesting you used Paul's letter to the Galatians as a guide. Agree that sola scriptura is a good basis for differentiating heresy and heterodoxy. As a Lutheran, would you not also include sola fide as a basis too as it relates directly to salvation and is the article upon which the Church stands or falls is based on? Arminians do believe in sola fide and sola gratia as what Roger Olson explained so many times in his blog.