Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Rapture and Premillennialism

On today's program I did another discussion on Dispensationalism, dealing specifically with the teaching of a secret rapture and premillennialism. I demonstrated that the texts used in support of a secret rapture teach the opposite, and that Revelation 20 does not necessitate a premillennial reading.

Here is the program.


Gary said...

Hi Pastor Cooper,

I would very much like to listen to your program but I cannot get the link to open. Do I need a special program?


Jordan Cooper said...

It should work. You can try right clicking and then save as, or you can find it on itunes.

J. Dean said...

This was a good topic to deal with, Jordan, and I'm glad to no longer subscribe to the dispensational "two-stage rapture" theology, particularly as it's at odds against Scripture's plain teaching.

Maybe it's just me, but does there seem to be an overly-hyped "scaring people to death" mentality behind dispensational premillennialism? Seemed like every single time the rapture came up in church or chapel (and it came up frequently, to the point where I would almost call it overdone), it was with the intent to scare us into conversion or morality. The mentality behind this and the "Left Behind" novels (and other media) was produced with the purpose of scaring one to the altar call.

This is very much the opposite of amillennialism, which treats the Second Coming with 1.) great joy, and 2.) puts it in its proper place without beating the subject to death. Being out of the American Evangelicalism vein of eschatology, it's so refreshing to actually look forward to Christ's coming in the right manner.

Gary said...

I was able to listen to your podcast, Pastor, and it was very good.

I grew up in the 70's never expecting to see my 21st birthday because the Rapture HAD to occur before the generation passed that witnessed the creation of the State of Israel.

J. Dean is absolutely right. The Rapture was the ultimate weapon to scare people into "walking down the aisle" during an altar call to make a "decision for Christ".

"Better hell scared, than hell scarred" was our motto.

Thank God I found orthodox Lutheranism and escaped that cult!

Levi Nunnink said...

@J. Dean, it's funny you should mention the scaring people to death: the rapture / tribulation scared me so bad when I was a kid that I think it was the first time I was ever depressed. It seemed so terrifying.