Saturday, August 31, 2013

American Lutheran Classics Volume 1 Now Available!

The first volume in the series American Lutheran Classics is now available. It is The Way of Salvation in the Lutheran Church by George Henry Gerberding. This is a work that every Lutheran should read. In it, Gerberding gives a thorough understanding of how Lutherans view salvation. He talks about Baptism, Holy Communion, Sunday school, Confession, Justification, Sanctification, Christian parenting, and he discusses the subject of revivals at length. This is a great introduction to Lutheranism for those who would like to learn more, and a help for those in the Lutheran church, including pastors.

The book can be found here

The kindle edition is here


Joe said...

So are the prior versions of this just not very readable?


In Him,

Joe H

Jordan Cooper said...

No, they are still readable. Some of the wording is just awkward, and the Scripture quotations often didn't match any known translation. The wording hasn't been changed all that much. The other reprints of this book that you will find are just photocopies of the original work. The print quality isn't very good, and sections of the text are even off of the page. The formatting is also hard to read.

Mike Baker said...

My copy of this book is in the mail.

Thanks for all your hard work. Keep the books coming.

Mike Baker said...
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