Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bernard of Clairvaux and Medieval Theology

I took a break from our discussion of Matt Haney's lecture on baptism to discuss the church of the Middle Ages. I was joined by Pastor David Graves to discuss the importance of Bernard of Clairvaux on Luther's thought and the best aspects of Medieval theology which led to the Reformation. We try and dispel the common misconception that the post-Augustinian church was a theological wasteland waiting to be saved by Luther.

Here is the program.


David Gray said...

Good show on Bernard of Clairvaux. Calvin was heavily influenced by Bernard and I'm glad to have the chance to learn more about him.

Daniel Casey said...

After listening to this and your other shows where you discuss the ECFs, my interest in these guys is growing ( Early and Middle ). I read some of Bernard's "On the Love of God" from Google Books last night. Good stuff.

It might be helpful to have a permanent link to a list of books/periodicals on Google Books/Amazon worth reading ( free to low cost ).

Lately, as my interest is in having email discussions with an ex-Reformed friend turning RCC, I'm reading The history of Romanism by John Dowling and Popish errors exposed by T. Young.

These were my attempts to get a better grasp on the RCC Church and its problems without having to spend hundreds of $$$ on Martin Chemnitz ( or Gerhard ) books from CPH.

I would also commend the reading of Theological Quarterly ( and Monthly ) by CPH dated around 1898 on through the early 1900's on Google Books as well.

Katy said...

The Theological Quarterly is in English? (I've read all of them from the 20's-40's, but for some reason thought earlier was in German)

Levi Nunnink said...

Loved this episode. Jordan, do you have any recommendations on where to start with reading Bernard?

Jordan Cooper said...

I would recommend starting with "On Loving God" and his sermons on the Song of Songs.